Robbins sunrise session

Lets be honest, I am not always a morning person.

At least at first...once I am out of bed and on my feet I am good to go but the process of rolling out of bed? Painful to say the least.

So when Jonathan contacted me about surprising his wife Christine with a one year anniversary shoot a sunrise session was not the first thing to come to mind.

However due to work schedules a morning shoot was what we ended up worth and I have to say, it was worth a 5am wakeup call!


Jonathan requested we shoot at their wedding venue which was Tom Sawyer State Park and it ended up being perfect. It was so much fun incorporating locations they used for their wedding photography!


Christine was such a good sport about being up so early for a photo session and they were so natural in front of the camera! I love when clients are not shy about a little PDA!

It has been a while since I have shot a sunrise session and I forgot how beautiful the lighting can be, it just got better and better as the morning progressed.

I hope these two have many more happy years ahead!!