Gracie's first year session

I had the pleasure of photographing the Harris' wedding in 2014 and they are the type of people that just make you feel like family.

So you can imagine how excited I was to hear they were expecting and to then get the honor of capturing little Gracie's first birthday session!

Cake smash sessions are a ton of work, from styling everything, ordering the cake and setting everything up on location so I was super pumped when Natalie and Eric suggested shooting on their property.

They own a sweet little farm in Corydon and it was just PERFECT for this session!


I always treat first year sessions as extended family shoots, so we start off with some super cute clean shots of the birthday girl or boy and then round up everyone for some family photos.

This is always my favorite part, especially if I have not seen a client in a while.

Eric and Natalie are such joyous people and their children really reflect that! Lane is so wonderful with his little sister and Gracie is just a bundle of smiles.

She did not fuss once during our 2 hour shoot, even during outfit changes and she was all about having her photo taken!


After we finished with the family and clean photos it was time to get down to business.

Cake smash sessions are always a gamble, some babes love to get down and dirty, some wont even touch the cake without a fork.

Gracie was right in the middle, she ate so calmly and politely.....I think she was confused as to why all of us were watching her so intently!


We almost always end our cake smash sessions with a super fun bubble bath! What better way to clean up and get some giggles after filling up on cake?

Natalie and Eric have this old water spout in front of the barn that was just the perfect backdrop for a bubble bath and Gracie loved every minute of it!

I will finish up this blog with some of my favorites from this session, I just cannot get over how happy this little girl is. Happy birthday Gracie!