Sweet summer session in Madison Indiana

I am so excited to finally be blogging about this shoot I was fortunate enough to do this summer.

My sweet mom friend Amber is an amazingly talented seamstress and has been designing super cute clothing for kids.

She makes the cutest, geek-est, most rad clothing and accessories out there!

Her summer dresses caught my eye and when I approached her about doing a styled session with her line of clothing she hopped on board.

I quickly put together a bit of an idea for the shoot and reached out to some local businesses to see if anyone would be interested in hosting us.

Russell Beach, owner of The Ice Cream Desserts Factory here in Madison Indiana was super excited by the idea and so were we!

Russell makes some of the best and most unique ice creams and related items I have ever tried. If you get a chance to stop in be sure to try and ice cream cannoli!

It helps that he and his family are seriously the nicest people in town.

We started out our shoot with Russell, the ice cream was a big hit with the kids and so good although as hot as it was it melted way too fast!

After our treats we quickly headed down to our second location, a super cute and funky laundromat!



Is this place too cute or what!? It was such a random little find and now it is one of my favorite quick spots to stop in during downtown

We got some peculiar looks from a few patrons but it was totally worth it and I love every single shot we took there.


Little Harmony here is quite the expressive child and given that her mom is a fantastic photographer as well she knows how to pose!



Emily's photos were some of my favorites, her and her mother are the best kind of geeky and she brought some of her favorite things to the shoot including her tardis and comics!




I had to get Jasper in on the laundromat fun so I brought him out for some fun shots the next day while I photographer the clothes hanging up on its own.

Check out these adorable outfit details, are they not the cutest!?

This shoot was so so much fun and I hope we can set another one up for next year!

If you are interested in any of the clothing items shown please go show Amber some serious love over at her facebook page at The good, the rad and the lovely  or check out her Etsy shop located right here!

And if you are a Madison Indiana native you just have to go see Russell at for some delicious treats, you can find the Ice Cream Dessert Factory here!

You can also find his ice cream canollis at Pearl Street Treats in New Albany Indiana if you happen to be down that way.

Thanks for reading and I will catch you all next time <3