Sweet summer session in Madison Indiana

I am so excited to finally be blogging about this shoot I was fortunate enough to do this summer.

My sweet mom friend Amber is an amazingly talented seamstress and has been designing super cute clothing for kids.

She makes the cutest, geek-est, most rad clothing and accessories out there!

Her summer dresses caught my eye and when I approached her about doing a styled session with her line of clothing she hopped on board.

I quickly put together a bit of an idea for the shoot and reached out to some local businesses to see if anyone would be interested in hosting us.

Russell Beach, owner of The Ice Cream Desserts Factory here in Madison Indiana was super excited by the idea and so were we!

Russell makes some of the best and most unique ice creams and related items I have ever tried. If you get a chance to stop in be sure to try and ice cream cannoli!

It helps that he and his family are seriously the nicest people in town.

We started out our shoot with Russell, the ice cream was a big hit with the kids and so good although as hot as it was it melted way too fast!

After our treats we quickly headed down to our second location, a super cute and funky laundromat!



Is this place too cute or what!? It was such a random little find and now it is one of my favorite quick spots to stop in during downtown

We got some peculiar looks from a few patrons but it was totally worth it and I love every single shot we took there.


Little Harmony here is quite the expressive child and given that her mom is a fantastic photographer as well she knows how to pose!



Emily's photos were some of my favorites, her and her mother are the best kind of geeky and she brought some of her favorite things to the shoot including her tardis and comics!




I had to get Jasper in on the laundromat fun so I brought him out for some fun shots the next day while I photographer the clothes hanging up on its own.

Check out these adorable outfit details, are they not the cutest!?

This shoot was so so much fun and I hope we can set another one up for next year!

If you are interested in any of the clothing items shown please go show Amber some serious love over at her facebook page at The good, the rad and the lovely  or check out her Etsy shop located right here!

And if you are a Madison Indiana native you just have to go see Russell at for some delicious treats, you can find the Ice Cream Dessert Factory here!

You can also find his ice cream canollis at Pearl Street Treats in New Albany Indiana if you happen to be down that way.

Thanks for reading and I will catch you all next time <3


Gracie's first year session

I had the pleasure of photographing the Harris' wedding in 2014 and they are the type of people that just make you feel like family.

So you can imagine how excited I was to hear they were expecting and to then get the honor of capturing little Gracie's first birthday session!

Cake smash sessions are a ton of work, from styling everything, ordering the cake and setting everything up on location so I was super pumped when Natalie and Eric suggested shooting on their property.

They own a sweet little farm in Corydon and it was just PERFECT for this session!


I always treat first year sessions as extended family shoots, so we start off with some super cute clean shots of the birthday girl or boy and then round up everyone for some family photos.

This is always my favorite part, especially if I have not seen a client in a while.

Eric and Natalie are such joyous people and their children really reflect that! Lane is so wonderful with his little sister and Gracie is just a bundle of smiles.

She did not fuss once during our 2 hour shoot, even during outfit changes and she was all about having her photo taken!


After we finished with the family and clean photos it was time to get down to business.

Cake smash sessions are always a gamble, some babes love to get down and dirty, some wont even touch the cake without a fork.

Gracie was right in the middle, she ate so calmly and politely.....I think she was confused as to why all of us were watching her so intently!


We almost always end our cake smash sessions with a super fun bubble bath! What better way to clean up and get some giggles after filling up on cake?

Natalie and Eric have this old water spout in front of the barn that was just the perfect backdrop for a bubble bath and Gracie loved every minute of it!

I will finish up this blog with some of my favorites from this session, I just cannot get over how happy this little girl is. Happy birthday Gracie!

Robbins sunrise session

Lets be honest, I am not always a morning person.

At least at first...once I am out of bed and on my feet I am good to go but the process of rolling out of bed? Painful to say the least.

So when Jonathan contacted me about surprising his wife Christine with a one year anniversary shoot a sunrise session was not the first thing to come to mind.

However due to work schedules a morning shoot was what we ended up worth and I have to say, it was worth a 5am wakeup call!


Jonathan requested we shoot at their wedding venue which was Tom Sawyer State Park and it ended up being perfect. It was so much fun incorporating locations they used for their wedding photography!


Christine was such a good sport about being up so early for a photo session and they were so natural in front of the camera! I love when clients are not shy about a little PDA!

It has been a while since I have shot a sunrise session and I forgot how beautiful the lighting can be, it just got better and better as the morning progressed.

I hope these two have many more happy years ahead!!






Ophelia - art shoot

As a photographer I am so lucky to be able to have a passion that allows me to provide for my family, but at the same time, photography is an art and sometimes it can become mentally draining to devote all your energy to client projects.

I have been itching to do some creative projects of my own this summer and one of the projects on my list was a John Waterhouse inspired Ophelia shoot.

Fun fact about me, I am a theater and art nerd. Like, huge nerd. I absolutely adore the works of John Waterhouse and fell in love with his Ophelia art in elementary school.


 Ophelia - John William Waterhouse

Ophelia - John William Waterhouse

Creating a photograph from a painting is a such a challenging experience. Often a painting is not lit or posed in a way that is easily replicated in real life and creating the same feel and texture is so difficult to do. At least for me.

I knew while I wanted to take inspiration from Waterhouse I could never do the original work justice so instead I decided to take the idea and make it modern and my own.

My first goal was to find the perfect subject. I wanted someone unexpected looking for a piece based off of Shakespearean art and Jennifer, with all her beautiful tattoos and gorgeous looks jumped out at me from the first time I saw her. Its actually quite embarrassing how she came to model for me. I stalked her on Instagram for about a week before getting the courage to ask if she would let me photograph her. Luckily she was more than on board.

I also needed to find the perfect dress. I planned to get Jen in water at some point during the shoot so I wanted something that fit her well and would flow beautifully once wet. I ended up commissioning a gorgeous goddess style gown from a local seamstress, Marcy.
We collaborated back and forth to get everything just right for this gown and I could not have done it without her!


The next big goal was to find the perfect location. I was hoping to find a spot that offered some fields with flowers, a creek with an overhead view and a forest all within a short walk since it is getting hot out even in the evenings.

In the end we settled on Beckley Creek park however the day of the shoot Jen suggested we check out a different trail than the one I had chosen and I am so lucky she did as it was absolutely perfect. We never would have been able to get our dramatic overhead shots at the other trail!

The creek portion also offered some amazing water foliage to play around in, I seriously could not have asked for a better location!

By the end of the shoot the lighting was getting super dark and moody and we decided to just throw it all out there and go for some more "weird" shots, I headed up to the bridge to shoot down directly above Jen while my amazing assistant Brittani stayed below to help position Jen where I needed her. I am so thankful for the amazing team I have working with me. I could not have done this shoot without Brittani and her confidence in my crazy requests is always mind blowing, she never questions my ideas even when they require her to get just as wet as the model is!

I just know she is really going to appreciate being featured here!

That same unwavering willingness to get crazy with me goes for Jen too...seriously...she did not even flinch when I asked her to dunk her beautiful face into gross, muddy creek water.

She just seemed to know exactly what I needed of her expression wise as well and she pulled off the serene look I was seeking perfectly.

Wrapping this up with one of my favorite shots of the night. I am just so excited to do more of these Shakespearean inspired shoots this summer!



Thanks for reading!







Aurora's ethereal session

Little Aurora was tasked with being my first subject for our new ethereal sessions and let me tell you, I could not have asked for a better little girl to start me off on this new adventure.

When she arrived at the session site we were not quite finished securing the floral swing but she wanted nothing more than to get up there and get going!


    Needless to say she took to this session like she was made for it, she picked out her own wings and tutu and was all about getting up in the swing and letting me get some beautiful photos of her for mom and grandma who were my wonderful assistants for the shoot.   


Needless to say she took to this session like she was made for it, she picked out her own wings and tutu and was all about getting up in the swing and letting me get some beautiful photos of her for mom and grandma who were my wonderful assistants for the shoot.


Is she not the most magical little girl you have ever seen? Her fearlessness knocked my socks off!

The bet part about this entire shoot is the fact that her wonderful grandfather made a surprise appearance all the way from Kuwait where he has been for the past 6 months. He has been deployed for the past three years in Kuwait and has said goodbye to this little girl 11 times in the past four years to go to active combat zones so it was super emotional to see them reunited!!


I was just so thrilled with how easy this session was, I had originally said that these would be exclusive sessions and offered only once or twice a year but I have fallen in love these images and am tempted to start offering the floral swing as an add on to our general children's sessions!

These amazing wings from our wonderful prop sponsor Wearable Whimsy photographed so wonderfully, I cannot even stand it! Aurora was just the most perfect fairy.


 Ill end this blog here, with two of my favorite shots from the entire session, is she not lovely!?     XOXO - Cam

Ill end this blog here, with two of my favorite shots from the entire session, is she not lovely!?


XOXO - Cam